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Small Business

Small Business

Protection for Your Business

Small business in Canada represents approximately 30% of Canada's GDP. Your impact therefore matters not only to you, but also your employees. Whether you’re a start up, sole proprietor, growing incorporated company, professional corporation or contractor, I can offer you comprehensive insurance planning.

Safeguards & Innovative Tax Savings

Small business insurance is important to help with the cost of disability and sickness of the business owner and key employees. It can also help businesses access faster and more comprehensive medical care. Outside of these traditional uses for insurance – savvy investors may want to consider options available to them that offer both insurance protection and an investment component.

Small Business Living Benefits

As a business and home owner we often take for granted our ability to generate income to pay for everyday necessities such as your office lease, mortgages, utilities, business, home and auto insurance(s). Living benefits protect you against these types of income risk due to failed health.

Canadian health care is often plagued with prolonged waiting times for treatment which can deliver a devastating blow to your business if your return to work is delayed or permanent. To offset these potential risks there are protection plans which provide the business owner, its employees or family members with expedited medical diagnosis or treatment at the top prestigious international medical clinics. While you are receiving this treatment, an income replacement policy can provide you, your business and family with the space, time and income needed to heal.

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Priority Health Care

This product gives you international access to some of the best treatments and specialists in North America in a fraction of the time. Think Mayo Clinic.

Small Business Benefits

These niched products provide you as the business owner protection in the event you or a key employee is disabled.  In addition to salary and business expense protection there are also tax deductible health service plans that are excellent alternatives or supplements to your health and dental plan. Small businesses also have benefit options to provide you with one of the most important pieces for your business growth and succession planning - funding.

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Professional Health Service Plan

Is an excellent product to replace or supplement a current health and dental plan. There are no monthly premiums to pay. Benefits are tax free to the employer and employee and more importantly 100% tax deductible to the employer.

Small Business Life Insurance

Corporately owned life insurance on the business owner’s life can have its tax advantages such as a tax-free growth investment. Some applications of business owned life insurance include farming and business succession along with split dollar arrangements where the employer or employee can own either of the insurance or investment component of a purchased life insurance product.

Term insurance is often referred to coverage 'if' you die. Permanent insurance is a tax-free lump sum for 'when' you die. It protects you for your lifetime.

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Term 10, 20, 30, or Pick a Term

One of the most popular products due to its initial low cost. Term insurance provides a tax-free lump sum over a specific 'Term'. Usually 10, 20, or 30 years. Additional coverages include ‘Pick your term’ which provide a specific period or window of time to be protected (i.e. child/spousal support, non-traditional mortgage amortizations, or funding for business succession plans at retirement).

Some common applications for term insurance are: income shortfall of a working spouse, child care, outstanding business or home mortgages, tax liabilities, and post-secondary education for children left behind – are just a few.

Small Business Riders

To illustrate riders, let's compare this to purchasing a new vehicle from the dealership. Most cars have a base model available. The insurance equivalent can be (but not limited to) your Life, Disability, or Critical Illness policy. Cars also have the ability to have options and accessories added to their base model. This would be like 'riders'. Riders can add one or many different layers of function and value. The benefit of riders is that you can customize your policy to your needs and wants.

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Return of Premium (ROP)

Provides the insured a return of their premiums (tax free). The amount refunded can be 50% to 100% depending on the plan and contract provisions.