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Protect Your Lifestyle

Are you single, retired, widowed? Perhaps newly employed, recently graduated or a professional looking to secure your future insurability? This means you have unique requirements important to protect your lifestyle – especially when you are on your own.

Changing Your Plan as Your Life Changes

As time passes by, your needs may change. You may get married, expand your family or experience a change in your health or employment. Our scheduled follow up meetings will serve to ensure your protection plan changes with your life too. Should you, family or friends need help with your death or disability claim – I am here to help during these difficult times.

Living Benefits

These are customizable products which provide you with monthly benefits or lump sum payments for injury, sickness, long term care or a terminal diagnosis. 

Within this group of plans you can also access the best medical specialists and treatment in North America very quickly. If you have a group benefit plan through your employer, let’s ensure you have a contingency plan for areas that are not covered. 

Leaving your job?  Did you know you may have up to 30 days to convert your group benefit plan to an individual (private) plan without medical evidence? Let's review your options.

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Priority Health Care

This product gives you international access to some of the best treatments and specialists in North America in a fraction of the time. Think Mayo Clinic.

Life Insurance

Term insurance is often referred to coverage 'if' you die. Permanent insurance is a tax-free lump sum for 'when' you die. It protects you for your lifetime.

Your passing may or may not impact family or friends – but you would like the peace of mind knowing your final affairs will be looked after. Funeral costs can average up to $12,000 in Alberta. Couple this with the fact the average Albertan is carrying debts of roughly $28,000. These scenarios alone on top of others might be a good reason to consider life insurance.  Some other reasons to hold life insurance include final taxes, child or spousal support, lawyer executor fees, probate, post-secondary education for a loved one or leaving a charitable legacy.

Should these areas not pose a concern, you should consider a permanent policy to bolster your retirement savings (tax deferred). Insurance has the ability to provide you with a lifetime death benefit and also serve as a savings vehicle for your retirement or rainy-day fund.

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Term 10, 20, 30, or Pick a Term

One of the most popular products due to its initial low cost. Term insurance provides a tax-free lump sum over a specific 'Term'. Usually 10, 20, or 30 years. Additional coverages include ‘Pick your term’ which provide a specific period or window of time to be protected (i.e. child/spousal support, non-traditional mortgage amortizations, or funding for business succession plans at retirement).

Some common applications for term insurance are: income shortfall of a working spouse, child care, outstanding business or home mortgages, tax liabilities, and post-secondary education for children left behind – are just a few.

Benefits and Riders

To illustrate riders, let’s compare this to purchasing a new vehicle from the dealership. Most cars have a base model available. The insurance equivalent can be (but not limited to) your Life, Disability, or Critical Illness policy. Cars also have the ability to have options and accessories added to their base model. This would be like ‘riders’. Riders can add one or many different layers of function and value. The benefit of riders is that you can customize your policy to your needs and wants.

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Return of Premium (ROP)

Provides the insured a return of their premiums (tax free). The amount refunded can be 50% to 100% depending on the plan and contract provisions.