Small Business and Family Estate Insurance Advisor

Frequently Asked Questions


What should I expect from our meetings (before, during, after)?

After we’ve made initial contact we’ll set up a time to meet. This appointment will serve two purposes.  Firstly, you get to interview me to see if I’ll be a good fit as your insurance advisor. The second purpose is for me to listen and learn about what matters to you the most. By the end of our first meeting, as your ‘potential’ advisor, I would like you to feel comfortable, looked after, heard and assured your best interests are addressed. With your consent I can apply all the needs we discussed and research your custom-tailored plan.

We can also use this time to set up our second meeting to review all of our options. Once we determine the right plan, we can use this second appointment to initiate this process. With this complete, we can then submit your application to our chosen Insurance Carrier.

What can I expect after I submit my insurance application? What to Expect PDF


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