Integrated Risk Management & Tax Mitigation Advisory
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My Process


Convenient, Efficient, Secure Digital Integration

Let's be honest - its difficult to create space and time even for the most important things in life.

With my client's busy schedules in mind, I have incorporated several pieces of technology which allows me to share and illustrate strategies directly to your phone or laptop.

This results in fewer face to face or video conferencing sessions.  Instead my approach provides you with the ease to review or reply - on your drive to & from work or maybe on a coffee break.

By creating a convenient and safe environment - my hope is to turn your 'One Day' into ' Day One' of your planning.

The Trusted Plan Prcess

RIsk management & tax mitigation planning follows a four step process:


Trusted Plan:

Here we learn as much as possible about what matters to you the most - by phone or video conference.  Through your phone or laptop you'll complete a practical needs analysis.

Trusted Plan:

Armed with the results of your needs analysis from our initial interview, we will review different strategies together & include your professional team if needed.

Trusted Plan:

With your application submitted I work in behind the scenes to keep you & your team informed. Once underwriting is complete - your contract is delivered personally if possible

Trusted Plan:
Lifetime Advantage

As your life changes, so should your plan. As your lifetime advisor I will periodically check in to see how you are doing including in your time of need - at claim.

Integrated Advisory

The Trusted Plan focuses exclusively on advaned insurance planning that is customized to meet the individual needs of the client.  Professionals and small business owners may require access to specialized expertise in areas such as tax, law, accounting, or investment services at certain times.  Therefore, I have built trusted alliances with leading designated professionals to ensure my clients receive impartial & independent advice that is catered specifically to them.

If a client's existing team of professionals can meet these specialized needs, I can work directly with them to provide a highly individualized plan.